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City of Omaha Parking & Mobility Division
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2020 PRSA Paper Anvil Award of Merit: Park Omaha Website
2017 AMA Omaha Platinum Award: Park Omaha Public Relations
2016 PRSA Paper Anvil Award of Merit: Park Omaha Awareness Campaign

Keeping pace with a city on the move

In 2014, Emspace + Lovgren created an identity for, and connection to, Omaha’s new parking division and to serve as an extension of the City’s marketing and communications team upon the launch of a new parking plan. Since then, we’ve continued partnering with Park Omaha to change parking perceptions, influence parking habits and, now, encourage use of rentable micro-mobility through a refreshed website. 

Today, parking is understood as a key element of Omaha’s success. The idea of “park once” to navigate the urban core places Park Omaha at the center of conversations around workforce development, increased living options, transit and mobility choices, tourism and development. Emspace + Lovgren helps Park Omaha connect across these sectors to grow awareness and support for thoughtful and proactive parking policy.

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Part of the challenge to changing perceptions and behaviors around parking is removing barriers to accessing and using parking in Omaha. Communicating bigger ideas like mobility and curb management presents a greater challenge.

Emspace + Lovgren partners with Park Omaha to evolve messages as the parking scope of service expands, and to help ensure those who plan to park and navigate downtown have a great experience. We use multiple communications channels to facilitate greater awareness of everything Park Omaha has to offer for residents, visitors and businesses — placing an emphasis on mobility options and their connection to parking. 

Beginning with an updated brand, Park Omaha is now Omaha’s Parking & Mobility Division. This simple change to the tagline allows for an expanded parking narrative that includes multiple transportation options. The updated Park Omaha website includes information on Omaha’s current parking landscape and points to future opportunities, connects technology, micro-mobility and transit to the conversation, and provides detailed information regarding parking locations, fees, payments and violations.

Park Omaha works with neighborhoods to proactively address parking issues, including where meters would best serve business districts, and when garages are appropriate. As a trusted Park Omaha resource, E+L assists with the conversations, and works directly with media to ensure information is transparently shared as plans evolve.

While some of Park Omaha’s communications can be less than enthusiastically received by the public (yes, they still issue tickets), we’ve helped make the process as painless as possible. We’re especially proud of our work to launch the Barnacle, Omaha’s innovative alternative to the old “boot” system and of our role in launching the Park Omaha app.