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Forge is an outreach and education program offered by Emspace + Lovgren to provide students an inside perspective on what it’s like to work in a communications field. Established in 2012, our program has expanded and evolved over the years to provide opportunities across four core areas:

Panels + Speaking Engagements

We partner with local organizations like Avenue Scholars, UNO, Ad Federation and others to have our team of professionals present or talk at their events and support their educational programs.

Job Shadowing + Mentoring

Whether students want to visit us for an hour or a day, or if they want to embark upon a more long-term mentorship, we’re happy to show them an insider’s view of our agency.


Internships are now an official part of our Forge initiative as we build more structure and strategy around it. Note, our internship program is not open year-round. Opportunities will be posted as they become available.


The previous Forge curriculum can be reimagined into formal and informal gatherings at our office, including networking events, programs with specific topics and more.

Above: Forge alumni attend open house in 2019.



Inspiring future collaborators

As leaders in the local communications industry, we see it as our responsibility and our privilege to pave the way for future colleagues. We believe:

Our goal is to introduce students of all ages and backgrounds to communications careers, and that includes engaging parents, teachers, and/or advisors along the way. Our professionals welcome opportunities to guest lecture in classes, participate in panel discussions or guest speaking engagements, or lead engaging activities in after-school programs. We are also happy to invite students into our midtown Omaha office — setting up job shadowing days, hosting meet-and-greets, and facilitating ongoing mentor-mentee relationships with our professionals.We also intend to once again host Forge events, tours or workshops in 2024.

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Forge ahead!

If you are a student, or know one, who wants to participate in a Forge experience, contact us. Or if you are looking for professionals to participate in your event or lead a speaking engagement, let us know by completing the form on this page or emailing us at

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