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Reaching Nebraska homeowners in need

The Nebraska Homeowner Assistance Fund (NHAF), facilitated by Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA), was established to provide financial assistance to Nebraska homeowners who were or continue to be impacted by the pandemic. 

Emspace + Lovgren partnered with NIFA to build awareness of and trust in the program, leverage community resources, create accessible communications and drive traffic to the application portal, all with the goal of distributing $50 million in funds before the program’s close.



E+L led a multi-channel approach to disseminate information across the state through community outreach, social media, paid media and earned media. In all tactics, the campaign used calming blue tones and imagery of homes and neighborhoods, rather than people, to be inclusive of anyone who may be in need of assistance. The copy prioritized clear, direct language to ensure no important information would get lost or misconstrued in the campaign’s multiple translations.  

Homeowners who qualify for assistance funds are in a vulnerable position: Some may not feel comfortable asking for help, and others may believe the help is too good to be true. Because of this, the team heavily leveraged community outreach with existing groups to create confidence and trust in the program and reach homeowners who may not engage with traditional or digital media. We worked with religious organizations; community organizations such as food banks, rural extension offices, cultural centers and neighborhood associations; major political parties, state senators and city council members; public schools; library systems and healthcare organizations.

Outreach was further supported with awareness-building tactics through paid radio, digital, TV and print media and earned media that prioritized publications in counties with high social vulnerability or minority populations.