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A bold transportation strategy for our region

Focusing on equitable, accessible and modern transportation to improve our quality of life and bolster our economic strength, ConnectGO aims to connect people, opportunities and communities through an actionable transportation strategy for today and tomorrow.

​Emspace + Lovgren plays a variety of roles for this transportation initiative of the Greater Omaha Chamber, Metro Smart Cities, MAPA and Metro Transit — from chairing the communications committee to participating on the Leadership Cabinet. 

We shaped the work plan for this multi-year effort and lead ongoing communications and public outreach.

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individuals across the region about transportation preferences


Developing the ConnectGO identity was a collaborative effort with the broader communications committee, starting with researching brands of comparable transportation initiatives from other cities across the nation. The team discovered some of the names had nothing to do with transportation, and many were very simple, but brought to life with messaging, eye-catching graphics, and innovative tactics. 

Ultimately, “ConnectGO” resonated with each stakeholder group at every level because the word “connect” gets to the heart of what the transportation plan will do: connect people to jobs and opportunities, connect people to one another, and connect communities. We wanted every person impacted by the plan to feel connected to the process and the outcomes — that their voices are being heard and their transportation-related issues are being explored and addressed. 

With a solid brand in place, we developed a website and planned robust communications to grow awareness and gather input for the initiative — from social media to earned media, paid media and guerrilla marketing. Since the ConnectGO’s inception, we’ve designed reports and strategy documents, created online interactive experiences, partnered with local artists to create transportation-related art, and hosted a traveling bench.

Most recently, we executed a series of community conversation presentations with local neighborhoods in Omaha and Council Bluffs to further inform the ConnectGO strategy, and partnered with the City of Omaha and The Greater Omaha Chamber to lead media outreach for ConnectGO’s major transportation wins.



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