Tylonda L. Sanders

Account Manager

A lover of words, organization and exceptional client service, Tylonda brings a diverse professional background to Emspace + Lovgren, spanning hospitality, advertising sales and county government.

With a finely tuned eye for detail and a talent for effective communication, Tylonda thrives as a proactive account manager and creative thinker. She helps our teams stay connected and focused throughout all stages of a project by managing timelines, distilling information and documenting progress.

Tylonda channels her energy into amplifying underrepresented voices through her sorority membership. She participates in voter registration drives, reads to children to foster a love for books and mentors younger members to embrace leadership roles with confidence.

Creativity colors Tylonda’s downtime. Reading, photography, listening to music, making jewelry and traveling are some of her favorite activities. As a second-generation entrepreneur, she continues her mother Twilla’s 30-year legacy by creating floral creations. Additionally, Tylonda extends her talents by editing books and officiating weddings.

Current Community Involvement: