Leen Glenn

Senior Content Strategist

Leen has built their writing and editing skills through a gamut of projects and clients, promoting state-wide initiatives, driving support for local nonprofits and helping organizations big and small fine-tune their voice. They’re as well-versed in digital as direct mail, and they never shy away from questioning how an idea could be pushed further or how traditional practices could be more inclusive.

Leen would say they’re a strategist first, writer second. “Big idea” thinking guides everything they do. They’re inspired by audience demographics, media plans and measurement objectives, believing that the most exciting challenges lie between the parameters of projects.

Leen is a big mid-century furniture enthusiast. When they aren’t browsing estate sales, you can find them tossing tennis balls at the dog park or begging their two cats to not claw the Eames chairs.

Current Community Involvement: