We’re forging a new path for Forge

Angie Hempel, APR
Angie Hempel, APR

Director, Strategic Services

We’re stoked to share creative career options with our future collaborators.

Forge is an initiative we’ve built and customized from the ground up. At its essence, we designed it to give students an inside perspective on what it’s like to work in the communications field. The origin of Forge remains true as we grow and expand the program, which now provides us with the opportunity to reach more students at various levels of learning and exposes them to a wider career path. 

Our revamped Forge initiative will be more expansive than ever — spanning across four core areas:

  1. Panels + Speaking Engagements – We partner with local organizations like Avenue Scholars, UNO, Ad Federation and others to have our team of professionals present or talk at their events and support their educational programs.
  2. Job Shadowing + Mentoring – We’re happy to show students an insider’s view of our agency, whether they want to visit for an hour or a day or embark upon a more long-term mentorship.
  3. Internships – Internships are now an official part of our Forge initiative as we build more structure and strategy around it. Note, our internship program is not open year-round. Opportunities will be posted as they become available.
  4. Events – The previous Forge curriculum will be reimagined into formal and informal gatherings at our office, including networking events, programs with specific topics and more.

Ultimately, we hope students experience the wide variety of career options available to them through Forge, and decide to pursue a career in the communications field. Our industry always needs new ideas, diverse perspectives and innovative thinkers. We hope to be working with these Forgers someday!

If you’re interested in exploring a Forge opportunity, whether that’s for you or for a student in your life, please email us at forge@emspacegroup.com or visit our website for more details.