Kyle Tonniges

Kyle Tonniges

Brand & Communications Strategist

Let’s Get Social — Social Media 101 for Nonprofits

February 1, 2017

Social media has become so ingrained in society – even pets have Instagram and Facebook accounts. Audiences now expect their favorite brands and organizations to have a social media presence. Social media offers a terrific opportunity for nonprofits. Not only does it level the online playing field, it allows organizations to keep in touch with volunteers, supporters and donors quickly, easily and for free.

The key to a vibrant and successful social media presence depends on five things:

1. You have a clear social media strategy. We’re all familiar with the big names in social media – Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on – but there are hundreds of others. Make sure that you’ve selected the channels that are relevant to your audience and stick to those. Only commit to the channels you have the bandwidth to manage.

2. You have clear and defined ownership. Everyone in your organization should be aware of who’s in charge of social media and posting content and who isn’t. This ensures that your social media channels are consistent in terms of tone and content and that they stay in line with your brand.

3. You have a content calendar. It’s common to run out of ideas or lose interest in your social media efforts and let your channels wither in the wind. A content calendar for each channel helps your team stay on track.

4. You’re sharing your marketing messages. Make sure you’re sharing content and information across all your channels. Are you launching a new fundraising event? Do you have a new office? Let your social media followers know!

5. You’re promoting your social media channels. Links to all your social media channels, no matter how many or how few, should be included in all your digital communications. Your website, online newsletters, emails and all other materials should give readers a clear path to learn about your organization’s latest activities via the channel of their choice.

Keep in mind that social media is never really done. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving process that requires attentiveness, dedication and an ability to adapt and connect with your followers.

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