Elizebeth Murphy

Elizebeth Murphy


Ideas that Matter

May 16, 2016

There’s a scene in Annie Hall when Woody Allen looks over at Diane Keaton and tells her “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” I think about that quote all the time, probably because it’s appropriate in so many situations. It also perfectly sums up Emspace.

We’ve always seen ourselves as a different sort of firm— not just because we are (at least today) an all-woman office or because we have office pets and standing desks, but because we embrace change as a fundamental underpinning to our success.

We know good ideas come from everywhere. As the person who has the privilege of leading the team, I try always to keep my ear to the ground — listening for new ideas, possible opportunities and what might happen next. These ideas come from clients, professional peers, podcasts, blogs, newspapers, museums — really anywhere — and, of course, the Emspace team.

We started in 1992 as a graphic design firm, which is why we will always be dedicated to design excellence. But along the way, our clients began to ask for more from us — more ideas, more content development and copy writing, more planning, more strategy building and more media management. The team evolved around these needs and today we deliver a full range of communications services to support our clients and the exciting work they are doing.

Our focus has moved forward, too. Inspired by the people and projects who are making Omaha a better place for everyone, we’ve made the decision to direct our energy towards the organizations and initiatives that enhance quality of life here. That means we have the opportunity to be a part of progress that is happening around health, education, the arts and how our region grows.

Emspace thrives on moving in new directions and discovering new opportunities. We’re proud to be in business in Iowa and to be an official B-Corp in Nebraska. We’re also proud of Forge, the program we’ve developed to help area communications and design students build professional networks here in the community.

We’re proud of each other and what we are able to accomplish as a team. Even though we aren’t always sure exactly what’s around the corner, we can always trust it will be challenging and exciting and that it will be yet another opportunity for us to move forward.

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