Emspace Team

We are Emspace + Lovgren:

Powerful communications experts who are behind some of the most exciting ideas in our community – and we’re eager to bring this energy and success to your plans.


Emspace + Lovgren is the result of a combined 65 years of branding, marketing and public relations expertise. This is where strategy meets creativity, where opportunity meets enthusiasm and where purpose meets passion.

We are problem solvers, relationship builders, change makers and idea connectors. Well-versed in best practices and rooted in solid fundamentals, we’re also not afraid to push envelopes, break barriers or defy expectations.

Ultimately, we thrive on digging deep into issues and organizations to find out what really matters. We have an unwavering commitment to attract and retain the best people, to nurture client and vendor relationships, to build strong, smart communications, to accomplish goals and achieve measurable results.


Emspace + Lovgren relies on a proven, phased approach to successful communications. Working in tandem with our clients, we are able to maximize budgets, leverage available resources and achieve measurable results.

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Before any work begins, we’ll connect with stakeholders across the organization to gain a comprehensive understanding of your goals, opportunities, challenges, best practices, target audiences, success metrics, ideas and more.

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After we’ve found answers to all of your questions, we begin to map our path to success, building a unique strategy specifically designed to meet each client’s goals.

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Let the ideas flow! We’ll bring your brand and strategy to life with messages and tactics that align with your budget, your goals and your vision.


All of the careful planning we did in the “Think” phase helps everything run smoothly — on time and on budget — throughout implementation.


Reporting helps us optimize strategies and provide insight into future planning. Our reports help our clients see and understand the progress we’re making together.